Carving Pumpkins with my Best Friends ft Charli, Noah, James, Chase, & Larray | Dixie D'Amelio

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Heyy! For Halloween we all got together for a fun weekend of Halloween content. I hope you enjoy watching us all carve pumpkins, make sure you watch till the end to see who had the best pumpkin! Don't forget to watch all my friends videos from our Halloweeeeen weekend! Thanks @James Charles @charli d'amelio @Noah Beck @Chase Hudson @LARRAY

James' video:
Charli's video:
Larray's video:
Noah's video:
Chase's video:

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  1. Karol Aquino
    Karol Aquino
    4 órája

    Less one subscriber

  2. Karol Aquino
    Karol Aquino
    4 órája

    don't go overboard with charlie damelio

  3. Aric Sanes
    Aric Sanes
    12 órája

    Did this guy really say this 1:39

  4. Eriella Pullen
    Eriella Pullen

    big sis and lil sis problems 0:08

  5. Naaznin Kaskar
    Naaznin Kaskar
    2 napja

    I kinda also fell bad for chase like dixi should let him do also some thing like he is gust looking 🥺🙄😇but can you tell chirley I am a big fan of her I am 10 years old

  6. amisha patel
    amisha patel
    2 napja

    4:02 dixie gets rough

  7. Harumi Kamilla
    Harumi Kamilla
    2 napja

    Tadinho do chase gnt...

  8. hiro uwu
    hiro uwu
    3 napja

    I hate you chase

    1. Harumi Kamilla
      Harumi Kamilla
      2 napja

      Shut up :D

  9. Lionel Alvarez
    Lionel Alvarez
    3 napja

    Mecae. Ui mal tu ermana y tu familia Charlie es una descarada tu ermana

  10. Stella Bow
    Stella Bow
    4 napja


  11. xxSunsetxx
    4 napja

    Larry: WHO’S YOUR DADDY? WHO? Pumpkin: My Dad🌝

  12. amaia lazo lazo
    amaia lazo lazo
    4 napja

    pobre charly

  13. Galal Yasser zedan
    Galal Yasser zedan
    4 napja


  14. vida Sanchez Sanchez
    vida Sanchez Sanchez
    4 napja

    Noah neck and Charlie face was like uhhh

  15. Mar Sánchez Carrero
    Mar Sánchez Carrero
    5 napja

    6:00 Charli hablando y Chase es ignorado, Chase va a decir una cosa y Charli le interrumpe me da penita :(

  16. Lina
    5 napja

    Charlie is so cuteeee

  17. The amk channel
    The amk channel
    5 napja

    First I feel bad for chase and Charlie face was so funny 😂

  18. Oliwia Sobuś
    Oliwia Sobuś
    5 napja


  19. Adela Gutierrez
    Adela Gutierrez
    5 napja

    Aubrey hi love you too

  20. Delaney Ruiz
    Delaney Ruiz
    6 napja

    Dixie you’re my favorite and Charlie is my favorite too I’m not kidding I’m going to biggest fan

  21. Roblox Freak
    Roblox Freak
    6 napja

    Poor chase

  22. Kadence Polley
    Kadence Polley
    7 napja

    dixie had a stank addutuide

  23. fanka charli damelio
    fanka charli damelio
    8 napja

    I love you & charli 😂😂

  24. Marhianna Garcia
    Marhianna Garcia
    9 napja

    what was Noah looking at the very end

  25. taro シ
    taro シ
    9 napja

    this video is so staged.

    9 napja

    0:08🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣charli siendo charli

  27. Ariel Gaga
    Ariel Gaga
    9 napja

    Lol 5:12

  28. Docente Sandra Gómez
    Docente Sandra Gómez
    9 napja

    charlie's face

  29. leena roblox
    leena roblox
    9 napja

    Omg Charli is so funny 😂😂😂

  30. Г. Ундрах
    Г. Ундрах
    10 napja

    why do you break hers?????

  31. Ruth Quiñonez
    Ruth Quiñonez
    11 napja


  32. Kevin Alexis
    Kevin Alexis
    11 napja


  33. Roblox. Queen
    Roblox. Queen
    13 napja

    Charlie’will you plz leave our pumkin alone’ chase mumbles ‘ but I have nothing to do’

  34. Emersyn
    13 napja

    Bestfriend’s? This whole video was so awkward. Do they even like each other?

  35. jerry Jelly
    jerry Jelly
    13 napja

    poor charli badly dixie

  36. Miss girl
    Miss girl
    14 napja

    Wow, they’re like _best friends_ . So popular🙀

  37. 2029.Eleanor Cloud
    2029.Eleanor Cloud
    14 napja

    “You don’t have to lie to yourself”- Charli

  38. khatuna
    14 napja

    I actually cried for charli on 3:51

  39. Ειρηνη Παντελιου
    Ειρηνη Παντελιου
    14 napja

    Charlis lafgh! Thats cutee 🤣

  40. Daniela Tenempaguay
    Daniela Tenempaguay
    15 napja

    Hey, that's being mean to Charlie so you shouldn't be how you do that to him so that I'm still bad I'm not going to follow you.

  41. maurice coumans
    maurice coumans
    15 napja

    Damilio is the best ,......

  42. Νικολεττα Αγγελόπουλου
    Νικολεττα Αγγελόπουλου
    15 napja

    Carlli 😍😍🤣🤣🤣

  43. itz~berry marry bear~ꨄ︎
    itz~berry marry bear~ꨄ︎
    15 napja

    POOR chase he's just walking around and being ignored dixie didnt even let him do something atleast let him decarote

    1. Tea Tok
      Tea Tok
      15 napja


    2. Tea Tok
      Tea Tok
      15 napja

      At 6:44 Larry tried to hug him I thing

  44. Yessica Arriola
    Yessica Arriola
    16 napja

    Poor chalri🥺

  45. Eva Medina
    Eva Medina
    16 napja

    16 napja

    l don't follow. You. Because of that you did to charlie😒🙄

  47. Mimma Sciortino
    Mimma Sciortino
    17 napja

    Charli Dixie and Addison is Queen tik tok sorry but my from is Italy i like Halloweennn

  48. Francesca Plesca
    Francesca Plesca
    17 napja

    Bruh chase always try’s to talk and when he does they don’t listen 1:37 😀

  49. Fatiha Rahmin Tehzeeb
    Fatiha Rahmin Tehzeeb
    17 napja

    I love chase and dixie's one

  50. isabella berrocal
    isabella berrocal
    17 napja

    how bad you are dexie poor charli

  51. kikay _ako
    kikay _ako
    17 napja


  52. kikay _ako
    kikay _ako
    17 napja

    Charli is bruh

  53. Victoria on the dance floor
    Victoria on the dance floor
    17 napja

    It's literally the middle of the summer and I'm watching this

    1. Allison Cubillos
      Allison Cubillos
      12 napja

      Lol same

  54. Mili Valdés Ceballos
    Mili Valdés Ceballos
    17 napja

    No les entiendo ni mais pero que mala y groseras es Dixie damelio no es haré 🙄🙄😑

  55. Zainab Cavaraty
    Zainab Cavaraty
    17 napja

    hi chase gat ignored by everyone l feeel soo bad l want to hag him thes is for chase l'm so sorry dont worry

  56. Maria Flores
    Maria Flores
    17 napja

    Poor chase 😢

  57. Maria Gabriella
    Maria Gabriella
    18 napja

    So eu que sou brazileira a qui

  58. Julia...mrózek
    18 napja

    Sad charli 💕

  59. Official ally
    Official ally
    18 napja

    CaN yOu pLeAsE LeAvE oUr PuMkIn AlOnE

  60. LLLina
    18 napja

    The chemistry is so bad

  61. Zoe Molyneux
    Zoe Molyneux
    18 napja

    I think Charli and laray should win

  62. cna lez
    cna lez
    18 napja

    Que le asen a charli

  63. Maria Veronica Ramirez
    Maria Veronica Ramirez
    19 napja

    NOAH NECK 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅LOL

  64. Norris Skye
    Norris Skye
    19 napja

    I think squad is a winner second is Charlie and third is dixi I am so sry it’s a very hard decision but I think all of your punkins rock

  65. Keti Manjavidze
    Keti Manjavidze
    20 napja

    Charli 🤣🤣🤣

  66. Damarion Davis
    Damarion Davis
    20 napja


  67. marian esperanza iturrios
    marian esperanza iturrios
    21 napja

    Entonces ustedes aplicaron a esta hermosa

  68. Альфия_ Love
    Альфия_ Love
    21 napja

    Вообще это не смешно.... Зачем портить тыку. Порть свою.

  69. Scarlet's World
    Scarlet's World
    21 napja

    I Llovee Laraay's vibeee❤️btw Charli and Laraay's relationship is soo cute

  70. Vanshika Jugurnauth
    Vanshika Jugurnauth
    21 napja

    Dixie pumpkin teeth🐹

  71. Hevron Alshuradeh
    Hevron Alshuradeh
    21 napja

    I actually think that james an noah won They had nice team work and the idea was cute But the others... they weren’t a team actually

  72. Michelle Silva
    Michelle Silva
    21 napja

    Can we take a moment to see how dixie is rlly mean to James kinda change my mind abt her 😐

  73. SoyBabi
    22 napja

    Besh Dixi poor charli.dameli

  74. maria Clara de sousa lopes
    maria Clara de sousa lopes
    22 napja

    Lhe amo

  75. maria Clara de sousa lopes
    maria Clara de sousa lopes
    22 napja

    Love you

  76. Aurora Albano
    Aurora Albano
    22 napja

    I love you

  77. Chad Jacobs
    Chad Jacobs
    22 napja

    I think Charlie deserved it because you stopped her pumpkin

  78. No Name
    No Name
    22 napja

    2:22 😭😭😭

  79. Paulina Chau
    Paulina Chau
    22 napja

    estupid dixie

  80. Camila Palma Sánchez
    Camila Palma Sánchez
    22 napja

    me muero como se enoja charlie jajajaj

  81. camila
    23 napja


  82. Edgar Jeandel
    Edgar Jeandel
    24 napja


  83. Adrian Paniagua Gamboa
    Adrian Paniagua Gamboa
    24 napja

    2:23 la cHaRli

  84. Dulce Gutiérrez
    Dulce Gutiérrez
    24 napja

    La risa de Charli jajajajajaja

  85. Маша Играет
    Маша Играет
    24 napja

    I feel bad for Chase cause I feel like he’s never included and all of them are just rude to him, I get they maybe joking but when he laughs it seems fake 😕

  86. Roselaine
    24 napja

    I'm a fan of the two my room is simply all photos of the two

    24 napja

    Pobre charli

  88. Sal Hla
    Sal Hla
    24 napja

    I feel bad for chase

    1. Sal Hla
      Sal Hla
      24 napja

      He did nothing

  89. Chr1B3St -_-
    Chr1B3St -_-
    24 napja

    Those who watch your videos are just people with problems

  90. Chr1B3St -_-
    Chr1B3St -_-
    24 napja

    Uman shit

  91. Kethellyn Deus
    Kethellyn Deus
    24 napja

    Hauptstr forma all bikes parts

  92. Rikkikocoa✓
    25 napja

    love charlie damelio faces

  93. fansdevictorious
    25 napja

    Eres muy mala con Charlie d'amelio

  94. Alejandra Valentina Cevallos Almeida
    Alejandra Valentina Cevallos Almeida
    25 napja

    4:01 no estubo bien Dixie

  95. Leonila de la cruz flores
    Leonila de la cruz flores
    25 napja

    Hello yes Charlie 😍😍😍😍

  96. Victoriaholalosquierucho Peña
    Victoriaholalosquierucho Peña
    25 napja

    Gainoualbonigglesabloespañol porque la otra le pega en la cabeza

  97. jaqueline hernandez cortez
    jaqueline hernandez cortez
    25 napja

    Quin sabe lo que dicen

  98. Camila Baltazar campero
    Camila Baltazar campero
    25 napja

    Dixie odia a Charli

  99. Sasnari Worti
    Sasnari Worti
    26 napja

    I love you and your sister

  100. Laila Sameh Bassim
    Laila Sameh Bassim
    26 napja