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F***BOY by Dixie D'Amelio

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Director Alana O’Herlihy
Production Company Indigo Projects
Executive Producer Emily Hillgren
Video Commissioner Elena De Santiago
1st AD Dylan McGale
Director’s Assistant Zara Saraon
Production Manager John Gittens
Production Coordinator Rob Marienthal
Production Alex Williams
PA Jenn Nguyen
DP Jordan Ritz
1st AC Adam Katzner
2nd AC Natalie Izquierdo
Steadicam Operator Greg Arch
Graphic Artist Carole Civre
Post Production Sunset Edit
VFX Artist Max Colt
Editor Cami Starkman
Colorist Robert Curreri
BTS Photographer Alondra Buccio
DIT Daniel Woiwode, Lucia Rinaldi
Gaffer Eric Sanchez
BBE Anthony Benitez
Key Grip Nestor Gomez
BBG Cameron Hinojos
Styling Maeve Reilly
Hair Laura Polko
Makeup Patrick Ta
Production Designer Kiki Giet
Set Decorator Jenny Boji
Set Decorator Colton Shires
Lead Man Ed Lee
Original neon artwork by Gisela Gutierrez
Covid Compliance Officer Krystle Murray
Motorcoach Soho Coaches
Covid Testing WLNSS
Intern Lea Garn
F***Boy Swann Wav
Casting Agent Four Eyes Casting


I’m caught up in what could've been

Thinking bout what you should've said

Wonder what's going through your head

Wonder whose sleeping in your bed

My mind knows you don't care

But my heart just won't listen

I thought you’d always be there

But you were gone in a minute

I’m tired of not being happy

And you always thinking you have me

But the only way that you have me

Is so f***ed up

You’re just a f***boy

You’re just a f***boy

That's not enough boy

You’re just another m*****f***boy

Cause you’re just a f***boy

You’re just a f***boy

That's not enough boy

Don’t need another m*****f***boy

And why am I so stuck on you

When you’re just stuck on her

Why'd I try to f*** with you

Now I'm just f***ing hurt

And I'm tired

Of being so damn tired

Cause I stayed up all night crying bout a piece of s*** a** liar

And I'm tired

Of being so damn tired

Cause I put in too much energy just tryna fuel this fire

Tired of not being happy

And you always thinking you have me

But the only way that you have me

Is so f***ed up

You’re just a f***boy

You’re just a f***boy

That's not enough boy

You’re just another m*****f***boy

Cause you’re just a f***boy

You’re just a f***boy

That's not enough boy

Don’t need another m*****f***boy

You think that you’re the s***

But no one's into it

Stop asking me for nudes

No, I'll never send those to you

Get off my Instagram

Who do you think I am

Get out of my DMs

And take off those damn Jordans

Cause you’re just a f***boy

You’re just a f***boy

Don’t need another f***boy, f***

You’re just a f***boy

You’re just a f***boy

That's not enough boy

You’re just another m*****f***boy

Cause you’re just a f***boy

You’re just a f***boy

That's not enough boy

Don’t need another m*****f***boy


  1. Es'dest
    23 másodpercig

    I wonder what her parent think about the video...she young not even adult

  2. Vanilla Caramel
    Vanilla Caramel
    28 perccel

    Bruh wtf was she thinking-

  3. Indiah Brantley
    Indiah Brantley
    35 perccel

    This reminds me of lost cause 😂

  4. Miley Yossef
    Miley Yossef
    35 perccel

    Now I think of it, how did her bf react 0-0

  5. monsvee
    37 perccel

    I've been scrolling for a solid 10 minutes and haven't found one positive comment..... which kinda makes me super happy

  6. Kidus Tefera
    Kidus Tefera

    Imma set this as my alarm so I can actually wake up to turn it off

    1. mayonnaise
      38 perccel


  7. Chennie forever💗🖤
    Chennie forever💗🖤
    2 órája

    Bruh Bella music deserved way more better she is the only one who made a catchy and pretty song and nessa too like pls not everyone can be singer

  8. Mika P
    Mika P
    2 órája

    the amount of times she said fvq in this song is just amazingly horrifying

  9. Mika P
    Mika P
    2 órája

    "oH maH gaHD cHarli hE SLid iNTo mY dmS aND saiD He miSSEd ME"

  10. KayKay Edits!
    KayKay Edits!
    3 órája

    Just bc ur growing doesn’t mean u can do this in front of ur fans ur just showing us that ur a bad person

  11. Patrick GangMafia
    Patrick GangMafia
    3 órája

    Guess the songS! 🖕👦 ✝️ 👧 🧩 🥵👧

  12. Vicky
    3 órája

    One of my favorite songs! 😍❤️

  13. Patrick GangMafia
    Patrick GangMafia
    3 órája

    Why Y'all hating on Dixie or Addison or Avani or any of them just let them be them I'm not a fan of any of them but still you don't have to write mean and judgemental comments

  14. Striker
    3 órája

    Greetings to all Claude user here ❤️🔥stay safe everyone and love ones idols 💕🔥hope everyone will be successful in life 💕❤️ 🙏

  15. Salmonella Ahmed
    Salmonella Ahmed
    3 órája

    Legend Has It:- Once A Crippled Man Stood On His Legs To Turn This Song Off

  16. Salmonella Ahmed
    Salmonella Ahmed
    3 órája

    My Dad Came Back From The Milk Store To Turn this Song Off

  17. Salmonella Ahmed
    Salmonella Ahmed
    3 órája

    Legend Has It:-Dad Came Back From The Milk Store To Turn this Song Off

  18. Gilberto Kira
    Gilberto Kira
    3 órája

    Omg charli😂😂😂😂

  19. Amy Mavatiku
    Amy Mavatiku
    4 órája

    love dixie f****charli😘dixie

  20. Lara Croft Rey
    Lara Croft Rey
    4 órája

    Tbh that's crazy young girls into that shitty fame, influenced by bigger singers girls singing songs like this, without even realise what they're saying

  21. MrPlayzerMe
    5 órája

    If you are a filipino, if you know who is Moira Dela Torre, she's already happily married but still writes soft breakup and sad songs.

  22. ~Kpop-weirdo~
    5 órája

    BRUH The amount of cringe I got

  23. Ps4 Ps4
    Ps4 Ps4
    5 órája

    You useless

  24. שילת בטש
    שילת בטש
    5 órája

    Love you Dixie

  25. Snehil Pratap Singh
    Snehil Pratap Singh
    6 órája

    Is that Dixie's butt at 0:57?

  26. Ponarak Poev
    Ponarak Poev
    6 órája

    Are you friends of Charlie demilo

  27. Emma xx
    Emma xx
    7 órája

    wtf is this

  28. samadhi dissanayaka
    samadhi dissanayaka
    7 órája

    the sad fact tht ppl change so fast like, i personally think this is nice and this world is changing i really like this soongggg

    7 órája


  30. Ellie2019pink
    7 órája

    Jeez im glad i had headphones this said I f*** so much

  31. Ania Bnk
    Ania Bnk
    8 órája

    1:25 literally what is this

  32. Katherine Kosh
    Katherine Kosh
    8 órája

    I actually like this song just not the chorus, I like the beat and I think that it is a great song the chorus is just not good

  33. Addison Rae
    Addison Rae
    8 órája

    Dixe where is addison rae 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    1. Ashrin KC
      Ashrin KC
      7 órája

      @ً ahahahaha

    2. ً
      7 órája

      Probably doing more shitty tiktok dances

    3. Addison Rae
      Addison Rae
      8 órája

      I’m addison rae fp

    8 órája

    LMAOO 445k likes ,110kdislikes😭

    8 órája

    This is the best fuck*ng ugly duckling bluh bluh bluh song ever

  36. Faranaz Nasiri
    Faranaz Nasiri
    8 órája

    this is a bad song because it has inappropriatethings

  37. kierra “simp” hobbs
    kierra “simp” hobbs
    9 órája

    unpopular opinion- this song is actually good. i have that opinion, dont attack me.

  38. ꧁MɪᴀPxsᴛᴇʟSᴋɪɪᴇs꧂
    9 órája

    Wait,didn't Olivia O' Brien write this song and she didn't like it or sum and then Dixie takes the song and doesn't even change a single thing LMAOO

  39. ꧁MɪᴀPxsᴛᴇʟSᴋɪɪᴇs꧂
    9 órája

    The fact that she released it on the same day Bella Poarch released her new song "Build A B**ch" And Dixie is still making "sad" songs when she is in a relationship with Noah like- This song is prolly about griffin-

  40. Anne E Kroon
    Anne E Kroon
    9 órája

    whats the next song gonna be Im So DoNe WiTh ThIs WoRlD JUST STOP

  41. Akis lazar gaming
    Akis lazar gaming
    9 órája

    How many times did u say the f word but great song

  42. karenonthebeat
    10 órája

    1:25 wtf she doing hahhaahha

  43. Helmet’s house of fun
    Helmet’s house of fun
    10 órája

    Somebody just learned how to swear…

  44. 『R a m e n』
    『R a m e n』
    11 órája


  45. Ray Anthony Talisay
    Ray Anthony Talisay
    11 órája

    This video contemplates that if you don't have a talent, but at least you have the money.

  46. Rishop Mukherjee
    Rishop Mukherjee
    11 órája

    When you get to say the Fword for the first time.

  47. Tekla Luxumaidze
    Tekla Luxumaidze
    11 órája

    I Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 😘

  48. Arungan
    11 órája

    Hello Dixie, pls do not think you are good 😆 adults around you are exploiting u just for money, in a more understanding words They Are Using You. Values is more important than subscribes and likes, lady with brain prioritize value more, in more understanding words, smart women.

  49. brianna rivera
    brianna rivera
    12 órája

    Literal garbage 🗑!!!

    13 órája

    it was so sweet for olivia to give her this song

  51. HiyOri san
    HiyOri san
    14 órája

    Wtf is this...

  52. تصميم ايلاف
    تصميم ايلاف
    15 órája

    I want to see the reaction😭😂😂😂

  53. mayar
    15 órája

    this song is FIRE on mute

  54. yatta ammons
    yatta ammons
    17 órája


  55. Cindy Galicia Asencio
    Cindy Galicia Asencio
    17 órája

    if you don’t like the song then don’t listen to it, leave her alone she’s jus living her life lol.

  56. Anna Kochanek
    Anna Kochanek
    17 órája

    Y’all, be nice :) if you don’t like it, don’t watch it ✌️

  57. Ana Clara
    Ana Clara
    17 órája

    Entrei feliz, saí com trauma e um ouvido sangrando

  58. Ana Clara
    Ana Clara
    17 órája

    Pqp que música ruim mano

  59. AWildJennyAppeared
    17 órája

    So this is what it sounds like to come from a rich white family who buys followers and gets a music career huh aka auto tuned basic pop music with no creativity or artistry

  60. Ariana Hernandez
    Ariana Hernandez
    18 órája

    If he is a fuck boy why u with him

  61. Channie Chan
    Channie Chan
    18 órája

    I love the autotune! It’s on point! Period!

  62. Amy Tixier
    Amy Tixier
    18 órája

    I love how she thinks she is cool saying fuck, it makes my laugh and I have depression

    1. Krista Arndt
      Krista Arndt
      2 órája

      These comments make me laugh, and I have depression lmao

  63. Bean G.
    Bean G.
    19 órája


  64. Channie Chan
    Channie Chan
    19 órája

    Man this is so good, she should stop making music that good!

  65. Theresa Ayers
    Theresa Ayers
    19 órája

    The other song was better than this

  66. Connie Martinez
    Connie Martinez
    19 órája

    U are in a relationship 😒

  67. Ellis Gaming
    Ellis Gaming
    19 órája

    I’m not even joking your such a good singer idk why people are hating on you

  68. •marii -Chan•
    •marii -Chan•
    20 órája

    Man it was all until she did things like this 2nd hand embarrassment😭 fr she’s like nessa 2.0. In this vid and I hate it🤧

  69. Masha Polyakov
    Masha Polyakov
    20 órája

    This song is 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🚮🚮🚮🚮

  70. T Q
    T Q
    20 órája

    After watching Bella Poarch’s video this just needs to be locked up in a vault never to be heard or seen again... there is just no competition

  71. D.E
    21 órája

    Just came to read the comments and I'm not disappointed

  72. Zoe Luverne
    Zoe Luverne
    21 órája


  73. Jelly Panda
    Jelly Panda
    21 órája

    Dixie is a little inappropriate this is my opinion because she curses stick up the middle finger and she is just 19 or 20 you should be doing this when your, a lil older

  74. •Sukii - Chan•
    •Sukii - Chan•
    21 órája


  75. isabella aguirre palacio
    isabella aguirre palacio
    21 órája

    No te entendi nada pero ten tu like

  76. jc
    21 órája

    stop hating so much i don’t even mind this song like i’m deaf but still

  77. Sally Roussin
    Sally Roussin
    22 órája

    Ok if y'all forgot that DIXIE was the one singing this and if it was anyone else (like, for example, Olivia O'Brien, the girl that wrote this song) y'all would not be this dramatic at all. Most of you guys would probably actually like the song. But for some reason, the tiktok community has it in their heads that if the famous person started on tiktok, they can never leave and everything they do sucks. Some of y'all are doing too much bro, just to insult someone you don't even know🙄 If you don't like the person then stop going to her videos and leaving hate comments. Just exit the video and move tf on

  78. Tiziana Ruiz Hevia
    Tiziana Ruiz Hevia
    22 órája

    Amo esta cancion

  79. Sanjay Snehal
    Sanjay Snehal
    22 órája

    does no one notice theres a pic of a BUTT in the vid

  80. XxSapphirexX
    22 órája

    Dixie: I’m always tired of not being happy Also Dixie: sometime I don’t wanna be happy

  81. MoonDancerG
    22 órája

    Charli can't actors 😂😂😂

  82. Sankt Milo
    Sankt Milo
    22 órája

    Well It’s a song i guess

  83. Andreea
    22 órája

    Shit thé fuck up ! LMAO

  84. kalayah lechae
    kalayah lechae
    22 órája

    The makeup under Charlie's eyes.. Like girl, stop tryna look better then a racoon✋🏽😭

  85. kalayah lechae
    kalayah lechae
    22 órája

    She can't dance or sing. The intro is so lame. Is it just me or does it sound like another artist made this song before? Great, another lame song that ain't even that good.

  86. Neva Morales
    Neva Morales
    23 órája

    Why are y’all so pissed- the song is actually good plus y’all being rude for what? Like stop hate LMFAOO 🤨

  87. Duckie
    23 órája


  88. Evelyn Jara
    Evelyn Jara
    23 órája


  89. bibbaTM
    23 órája


  90. T1G3R
    23 órája

    this is like a "when u get aids from a one night stand" moment

  91. Pristine Tapao
    Pristine Tapao

    I can’t with the acting 😂

  92. sop hie
    sop hie

    The ratio of likes to dislikes is funny😂😂😂

  93. ♡karol♡

    I loved

  94. Burnt Chicken Nugget
    Burnt Chicken Nugget

    While y'all are here go stream "drag me dowm" it's almost at one billion views

  95. Isaiah Moraña
    Isaiah Moraña

    Gurl your suppose to add auto tone to correct your voice not to sound like a kid

  96. Isaiah Moraña
    Isaiah Moraña

    Her real voice:0.1% Auto tune:99.9%

  97. Isaiah Moraña
    Isaiah Moraña

    Actual lyrics:10% Fvckboi:90%

  98. Xhoni Xhangoli
    Xhoni Xhangoli

    Why you say this

  99. ruben ros rubio
    ruben ros rubio

    I LOVE so much te d'amelio family and te song is the BEST 😎

    1. The Hamster
      The Hamster

      the song is trash