Getting Styled for The MTV Movie & TV Awards FT Maeve Reilly | Dixie D'Amelio

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Hi guys! I'm so excited to bring you behind the scenes of what a fitting looks like with my stylist Maeve Reilly. We had so much fun picking out my outfit for the MTV Movie \u0026 TV Awards.

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  1. gguksdior
    6 órája

    dixie you look beautiful i swear

  2. Alice Joseph
    Alice Joseph
    6 órája

    I love Dixie's outfit :)

  3. shakinah aulia mecca
    shakinah aulia mecca
    8 órája

    i love you dix

  4. Leahシ︎

    fricking Beautiful!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺💯💯💯💯

  5. Joyce Balajadia
    Joyce Balajadia

    dixie looked so good in the dress, its just the people who judge everything she do, thats why shes anxious with it.

  6. uzma saif
    uzma saif
    2 napja

    Just here for Noah's supportive lines btw she looks good. He is a great boyfriend ᕕ🥰ᕗ

  7. assya prd
    assya prd
    2 napja

    You're beautiful💕

  8. roro
    2 napja

    your so beautiful

  9. Nini lol
    Nini lol
    3 napja

    4:42 omg Noah is a very good boy

  10. Cara
    3 napja

    Noah is so supportive🤍 and Dixie u look so beautiful in the dress👑❤️

  11. Kokolee 15
    Kokolee 15
    4 napja

    Noah is perfect for her

  12. ꜱᴀʟᴍᴀ
    4 napja

    5:43 se ve preciosa ella es increible auque no todos lo noten :(

  13. Elie
    4 napja

    Have a great day god love you

  14. You Sra
    You Sra
    5 napja

    When she said:"look at the way you're looking at her"🤍🥺alot to handle

  15. DS Vlogs
    DS Vlogs
    5 napja


  16. aurora🍧🍥
    5 napja

    That looks good

  17. BakaangelaGodzzto
    5 napja

    Dixie listen to me your fabulous ,amazing,pretty, gorgeous so dont be afraid!!!!😊

  18. Geht euch nichts an
    Geht euch nichts an
    5 napja

    I‘m sorry but how are you allowed to go to these Awards. How do you deserve to go there if you have done absolutely nothing to earn it.

  19. ~baddie~vibes~ V
    ~baddie~vibes~ V
    5 napja

    I know it hurts Dixie but bully’s would bully you for laughing

  20. Razvan Boitor
    Razvan Boitor
    6 napja

    Bruh you're gorgeous don't listen to others

  21. baddie_4life
    7 napja

    4:44 Noah has infected my heart omgggggg Dixie if you see this 8t really doesn't matter what the haters think because that's them against like a million other fans sooooooo yh

  22. ahsn avdty
    ahsn avdty
    7 napja

    The fanatical consonant realistically pour because karen lally improve up a rightful tanker. ambiguous, awake europe

  23. Samaa Hafez
    Samaa Hafez
    8 napja

    She’s stuning 🥺🥺💕✨

  24. Kevon Mccoy
    Kevon Mccoy
    8 napja

    Why do these things seem so big for them like everyone else just dresses casually

  25. Gemma Hicks
    Gemma Hicks
    8 napja

    bixid looks so much like her sister well charlie

  26. jane doe
    jane doe
    8 napja

    Dixie should do modeling, I think she’d would do well at it.

  27. Zara Memon
    Zara Memon
    9 napja

    Yall- Compare these sweet comments on HUfrom, To the rude and insulting Tiktok ones. Now I know why I don’t watch tiktok. (I know not everyone on there is mean) I love how Noah is such a caring boyfriend i hope they never break up ❤️ Dixie I hope you know, you look amazing and do not deserve to be bullied. 💖💖💖

  28. wowaweewa
    9 napja

    LOL @ ur stylist. She wishes she had your life.

  29. Margarita D'Amelio
    Margarita D'Amelio
    10 napja

    what it feels like to be the most beautiful girl in the world 🤔 I don't know ask Dixie D'Amelio 💖

  30. Lilly Trustram
    Lilly Trustram
    10 napja

    I love when Noah said “Dixie stop it does not matter” like awwwww

    10 napja

    noah is such a supportive boyfriend!!!! we stan him for that!!!!! also dixie can't do anything without being bullied so leave the poor girl alone!!! ily queen

  32. Fareeha x Avengers
    Fareeha x Avengers
    10 napja

    Honestly Dixie, u don’t need dresses to look pretty , u look so pretty even with a sweatshirt and pants on

  33. T e r r a
    T e r r a
    10 napja


  34. Rodaina Tamer
    Rodaina Tamer
    10 napja

    Noah is amazing and supportive ❤ I love you doah

  35. heer Wadhwa
    heer Wadhwa
    10 napja

    Why is dixie always a mood ??? I absolutely love her vibe 💛

  36. Oswaldo Nunez
    Oswaldo Nunez
    10 napja

    Noah is the best boyfriend anyone can ask for

  37. Yesenia Gutierrez
    Yesenia Gutierrez
    11 napja

    noah is so supportive!🥰

  38. stranger. millie.2004
    stranger. millie.2004
    11 napja

    4:43 awwwwww

  39. doliio volay
    doliio volay
    11 napja

    I love how Noah is telling her STOP IT DOESN'T Matter what other people think .

  40. AxstheticBxbble
    11 napja

    4:38 for all people who want to edit thus beautiful girl :)))

  41. Mirriam Phiri
    Mirriam Phiri
    11 napja

    Dixie ur so beautiful don't care what others say ilysm bye - emily😘

  42. boutglo
    12 napja

    so pretty

  43. Faye
    12 napja

    I loved the first silver dress! What she has to remember is to look at where she is in life compared to everyone else and not care about other’s opinions!

    1. doliio volay
      doliio volay
      11 napja

      it broke my heart when she said “i don’t want to get bullied.” the internet is so fucking toxic and disgusting.

  44. Zara
    12 napja

    just some spoiled rich girl with absolutely no talent

  45. Sam Sawdon
    Sam Sawdon
    12 napja

    love it

  46. pedro campos
    pedro campos
    13 napja

    mais alguem brasileiro ?

  47. La'sha
    13 napja

    Dixie being scared to wear the dress honestly made me get tears in my eyes. Most people is this world are terrible.

  48. Crystal Strozier
    Crystal Strozier
    13 napja

    i love how supportive noah is and telling dixie that’s she not gonna get bullied, she looks lovely 😊💞

  49. Samantha Jupiter
    Samantha Jupiter
    13 napja

    when Noah said "they're kids it doesn't matter". I love Noah's attitude

  50. nishat
    14 napja

    i did not expect noahs voice to be that high lmfao

  51. hex!
    14 napja

    I love Noah Bieng a supportive boyfriend!

  52. POP Couture
    POP Couture
    14 napja

    Honestly her white fit in the first clip with the hair is a better red carpet look than the dress. It was just so plain and didn't do her skinny body justice

  53. S A M
    S A M
    14 napja

    “i’m scared to get bullied” omg that is low-key so sad she can’t even wear what she wants like literally stop the hate already

  54. dunkin. char
    dunkin. char
    14 napja

    You're beautiful😍🙊

  55. Kaytlyn Walker
    Kaytlyn Walker
    14 napja

    I love how Noah was so supportive, and hyping her up :) Dixie’s SOOOOOOO beautiful in anything and everything she wears!💕

  56. SIncere 7
    SIncere 7
    14 napja

    dixie's mom is a 10/10 MYLF

  57. robbbylee rusby
    robbbylee rusby
    14 napja

    it broke my heart when she said “i don’t want to get bullied.” the internet is so fucking toxic and disgusting.

  58. Charli - TikToks
    Charli - TikToks
    14 napja

    At 4:40 Dixie: I don’t want to get bullied like- Noah: Dixie, dixie,Stop, it does not matter SO SO CUTEEEEE

  59. TIffanyrose Angeles
    TIffanyrose Angeles
    14 napja

    Dixie,your beautiful but I can see all your back bones !!! I hope you are taking care of yourself luv......

  60. Remas Ahmad
    Remas Ahmad
    15 napja

    She's your Aunt Dixie and Princess Dixie has feelings Dixie you're beautiful Don't care what people say I wish you a happy life You're so beautiful 😌 Is there anyone who wants to talk? Dixie, I hope you can see my words .

  61. Stephanie Jacqueline
    Stephanie Jacqueline
    15 napja

    I love how she includes the clips where she says the wrong thing or messes up. It keeps it real, relatable and reminds us that she is literally an adolescent being watched by the world. Thanks for sharing the good and bad moments Dixie! You’re courageous, funny and loved! Stay weird ✨🤪✌🏻

  62. ANDREA.K
    15 napja

    Me:umm excuse me if u are bullying my queen you better step back because soon you will get what you deserve 😤😈so nobody ever mess with my queen 👸 I'll dixie I know u don't even know I exist but you my whole world

  63. doire aintu
    doire aintu
    15 napja

    everyone else reading this) , I love you :)))

  64. Анна Каоггг
    Анна Каоггг
    15 napja

    I love you ❤❤❤

  65. Lyana Mureke
    Lyana Mureke
    16 napja

    *I'm so glad Dixie and Noah are together like Noah is such a supportive boyfriend and Dixie looks so pretty in the dress..*

    1. doire aintu
      doire aintu
      15 napja

      hi guys i love you so so so so so much

  66. Husna Mohammed
    Husna Mohammed
    16 napja

    dixie you aren’t going to get bullied and even if you do those people are just people that have nothing better to do than make fun of you. yet those accounts are private and have like no followers we love you dixie💖

  67. eSARIL
    16 napja


  68. eSARIL
    16 napja

    Love ❤️💔

  69. delaney lyle
    delaney lyle
    16 napja

    she looked so gorgeous on that day and i deeply liked what she did. it’s sad she was scared to wear it

  70. Afra H
    Afra H
    16 napja

    Dixie war are you sistar

  71. Morgan Borell
    Morgan Borell
    16 napja

    you should not be saying the n word

  72. Stefan Lasota
    Stefan Lasota
    16 napja


  73. eyesinthehillz
    16 napja

    wow! omg!

  74. Juliet Alexander
    Juliet Alexander
    16 napja

    Awww Dixie takes her dog everywhere she is on the couch

  75. Faith Chuene
    Faith Chuene
    16 napja

    0:17 the look Maeve gave her lol

  76. Megs301
    16 napja

    Did the blonde women dress Addison? Bc if so she needs to be fired lol, the Addison outfit was horrible

  77. Kyndal Lynch
    Kyndal Lynch
    17 napja

    can I get a tie like that lmao

  78. Kyndal Lynch
    Kyndal Lynch
    17 napja

    he loves her so much its so precious

  79. Viviane Prata
    Viviane Prata
    17 napja

    Hiiiiiiii dixie you is pft 💕❤️❤️

  80. wellen chigwedere
    wellen chigwedere
    17 napja

    hi guys i love you so so so so so much

  81. Remas Ahmad
    Remas Ahmad
    17 napja

    لكل متنمر اتمنى لك حياه تعيسا To every bully, I wish you a miserable life 😉

  82. فانز تشارلي
    فانز تشارلي
    17 napja

    وهههه نواه يا حضها فيه مشاءالله

  83. Mia Rodgers
    Mia Rodgers
    17 napja

    Dixie you have the best boyfriend ever he is always there for you and always smiling at you

  84. dolita windo
    dolita windo
    17 napja

    The way noah looked at her in the sparkly dress🥺

  85. Larry Stylinson Killed me
    Larry Stylinson Killed me
    18 napja

    Noah + Dixie = perfect couple ever

  86. Shadha M.K
    Shadha M.K
    18 napja

    Noah telling dixie to stop being afraid of what others think is so wholesome, she looks stunning 🥺🥺✨✨✨

  87. Julie Kelly
    Julie Kelly
    18 napja

    This was really good. Id love to see more style stuff like this.

    1. dolita windo
      dolita windo
      17 napja

      That's just sad she can never do anything without getting bullied or hate and she even got hate for wearing that Dixie is Beautiful and Noah is so supportive!

  88. anissaxza
    18 napja

    In Germany we say Dixi du bist wunderschön ❤

  89. lana
    18 napja

    You’re a beautiful and powerful woman 💗

  90. Natalie Ferszt
    Natalie Ferszt
    18 napja

    the fact that this beautiful girl cannot express herself in anything from social media to fashion because she knows she will get hated on is beyond wrong & heartbreaking. just let her live her life, y'all would take the same opportunities too if they came your way.

  91. Karla Nordstrøm Telving
    Karla Nordstrøm Telving
    18 napja

    She is so! So! So! Pretty😭💕💜

  92. it's.Vasudha
    18 napja

    Love how Callie is just chillin on the couch

  93. it's.Vasudha
    18 napja

    Exactly why I hate social media. Look at how it has destroyed dixie. She was too scared to wear something cuz everyone on social media are extremely toxic

  94. Fidelie Mouanda
    Fidelie Mouanda
    18 napja

    Cute noah

    1. Fidelie Mouanda
      Fidelie Mouanda
      18 napja

      Yes cute noah

  95. Sakura Aziz
    Sakura Aziz
    18 napja

    Why don't you make house tour

  96. Daniel Mocan
    Daniel Mocan
    18 napja


  97. that L that jimin handed every army in the J1D mv
    that L that jimin handed every army in the J1D mv
    18 napja

    They should dress her more to fit her personality

  98. stay
    18 napja

    Is it just me thinking dixie look like a mom 💀

  99. abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose
    18 napja

    I love how Noah is telling her STOP IT DOESN'T Matter what other people think .

  100. carmen luna
    carmen luna
    18 napja

    why is MAEVE looking at her in the beginning like that? lmaooooo