The Truth About Jeff Wittek's Accident | Dixie D'Amelio

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Hi everyone! I'm so excited about this weeks guest on The Early Late Night Show. You might know him for making people feel uncomfortable on his show Jeff's Barber Shop. Today he opens up about his near death experience and how his show was cancelled.

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  1. Fat cat
    Fat cat

    Idc what anyone says Jeff is so much funnier than Dave

    2 órája

    I wish this is long

  3. Dora Diaz
    Dora Diaz
    3 órája

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  4. Striker
    5 órája

    Greetings to all Claude user here ❤️🔥stay safe everyone and love ones idols 💕🔥hope everyone will be successful in life 💕❤️ 🙏

  5. Cami
    21 órája

    *talks about Jeff making people feel uncomfortable on his show*. Meanwhile this show was way more uncomfy than any of Jeff's shows

  6. Myriam MH
    Myriam MH
    21 órája

    Did Tik Tok said she was a host?

  7. EpicRandomUno

    who lied to her shes going to cringe at her style here sometime in the future

  8. shad covert
    shad covert

    Wow she is very great for looking at.

  9. T

    its exhausting how vain this guy is

    1. T
      16 órája

      @hollow newsflash, pretty much everyone on this platform is vain.

    2. hollow

      "exhausting how vain he is" yet you're still bother clicked on his video. say a lot

  10. T

    this guy went from being ultra hush hush about his injury to now talking about it nonstop... basically defines him now

    1. T
      5 órája

      @andy rodrigo it’s clear in the video that she didn’t even know about the accident until he brought it up, so obviously you’re not good at explaining things but rather just a Jeff fangirl lmfao

    2. andy rodrigo
      andy rodrigo
      14 órája

      @Tso are you g4y or smth? idk man if someone tried to explain things to you and the first thing that come up to your mind is "they're up in x's as$" then that says smth about you T lmfao

    3. T
      16 órája

      @andy rodrigo wow Andy you’re really up Jeff’s ass aren’t you?

    4. andy rodrigo
      andy rodrigo

      not really. he barely even talk about it in the video just dixie keep asking abt it. he even deflecting few times also even if he was good for him, it means he comfortable enough to share his trauma to the audiences.

  11. Justin Kai
    Justin Kai

    Jeff is the funniest

  12. Jonathon Chandnoit
    Jonathon Chandnoit
    2 napja

    Jeff- "I have proof that I have brain damage" Dixie - "Did you get a concussion?"

  13. skyler slaymaker
    skyler slaymaker
    2 napja

    They make a cute couple

  14. Ayari Mariem
    Ayari Mariem
    3 napja

    The best ep

  15. Brandon Lau
    Brandon Lau
    3 napja

    Awesome episode, too quality

  16. Cass Syzygy
    Cass Syzygy
    3 napja

    She could have at least watched what there is about your accident? How does she have this kind of platform.

    3 napja

    4:06 fake date ajajaja, love this video

  18. Edward Ewing
    Edward Ewing
    3 napja

    Have Jeff on again (do it on the street though, let him show you around)

  19. Vincent Nguyen
    Vincent Nguyen
    3 napja

    yall hating but these shows are lowkey entertaining bc of how unprofessional it is.

  20. Marissa McDonough
    Marissa McDonough
    3 napja

    love how supportive jeff is of them❤️

  21. natmccallion
    4 napja

    Jeff the legend!

  22. Chris 562
    Chris 562
    4 napja

    This girl is so boring! No talent at all! She is lucky that jeff is funny!

  23. F 69
    F 69
    4 napja

    This is the best episode because Jeff took over 😂😂😂

  24. Ashley Diamond
    Ashley Diamond
    4 napja

    Why is this so awkward 😅

  25. Ashish Darasingh Negi
    Ashish Darasingh Negi
    4 napja

    Jeff is crazy man. Funniest person. He has this dark humour that makes you uncomfortable and laugh about it.

  26. Jimmy Ghotra
    Jimmy Ghotra
    4 napja

    I thought this was a pimped out video for dexie that Jeff decided to do for “Jeff’s Barbershop” Lmaoo

  27. Angie Ivezaj
    Angie Ivezaj
    5 napja

    I love him

  28. Alexander Moanghan
    Alexander Moanghan
    5 napja

    that was strange

  29. Anonymous
    5 napja

    Jeff carried

  30. Dno williamson
    Dno williamson
    5 napja

    Jeff's sense of humour is halirious

  31. kady hend12
    kady hend12
    5 napja

    sorry but dixie is THE worst talk show host i’ve ever seen

  32. Cleo Cele
    Cleo Cele
    6 napja

    I love this episode it was hilarious 🤣🤣🤣❤️

  33. Aurelio Hernandez
    Aurelio Hernandez
    6 napja

    4:23 lmao

  34. Andres Arredondo
    Andres Arredondo
    6 napja


  35. Ahmed Khaleel
    Ahmed Khaleel
    7 napja

    “Mark we talk a lot and like a each others Instagrams” Lmao

  36. Queen Shiiren_كوين شيرين
    Queen Shiiren_كوين شيرين
    7 napja

    انا حزنت على بطن دكسي المعصوره 😂😂🤡 I was sad on the belly of Daksi 😂😂

  37. Olivia Gozman
    Olivia Gozman
    7 napja

    I only watched this for jeff and he still managed to carry the episode completely

  38. Arpit Sarupria
    Arpit Sarupria
    7 napja

    Jeff’s humour is on another level

  39. Greg Schuler
    Greg Schuler
    7 napja

    Jeff is BRILLIANT 😂😂😂😂

  40. just a cup of tea
    just a cup of tea
    7 napja

    Jeff: I got hit in the head with a crane and have brain damage Dixie: So do you have a concussion

  41. kaylee alana
    kaylee alana
    7 napja

    Dixie is high asf and no one can tell me different idc 😂

  42. Rohit Raut
    Rohit Raut
    7 napja

    i was furious when she touched jeff's hair..No one has the right to touch that beautiful piece of art!!!!!

  43. Alanna Martinez
    Alanna Martinez
    7 napja

    he is fricking hilarious and did an amazing job at making dixie like comfortable and less shy. but i loved the way you can hear laughs behind the camera.

  44. Ethan McAlpin
    Ethan McAlpin
    7 napja

    Bro this was the BEST EPISODE YET!!! I've also only watched this episode...

  45. Christine Cannibal
    Christine Cannibal
    8 napja

    "that was good" from behind the wall was so cute lol 😂

  46. James Arthur
    James Arthur
    8 napja

    Irrelevant girl in tiktok goes to youtube

  47. Hosain Abdullah
    Hosain Abdullah
    8 napja

    The homieeee jeffff love that guy fucking kinggggggggg

  48. Christina B
    Christina B
    8 napja

    I legit only watched this for Jeff, and it was only good because of Jeff. I will never watch another one of Dixie's episodes again. I have never seen one person lack so much personality. How does she even have this show?

    1. Christina B
      Christina B
      7 napja

      @The Guitons Well, we are allowed our own opinions. They are putting this content out on the internet and not everyone is going to agree. Sorry if you felt my comment wasn't needed, but I'm just commenting how I perceived the episode.

    2. The Guitons
      The Guitons
      7 napja

      Thanks for sharing.

  49. RaggedyVoice
    8 napja

    I’m here for Jeff

  50. Alice Lilith
    Alice Lilith
    8 napja

    WOW. I've NEVER found this show interesting, more like boring. But as soon as Jeff comes everything gets entertaining and funny as fuck.

  51. Anselmo Huerta
    Anselmo Huerta
    9 napja

    If only you were co host

  52. Kenzie B.
    Kenzie B.
    9 napja

    THIS is a dynamic duo 💙

  53. Peace and Positivity
    Peace and Positivity
    9 napja

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  54. Zesee Ann
    Zesee Ann
    9 napja


  55. Jen Meyers
    Jen Meyers
    9 napja

    She has no personality

  56. tataa
    9 napja


  57. Josh N
    Josh N
    9 napja

    Lol this is the best episode.

  58. Micki Logan
    Micki Logan
    9 napja

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  59. Beatriz Moreira
    Beatriz Moreira
    9 napja

    Dixie maloka seloko

  60. gigi melo
    gigi melo
    9 napja

    Dixie madraka😎

  61. Gaga Gege
    Gaga Gege
    10 napja

    Jeff is the man on the show

  62. Jacob Noble
    Jacob Noble
    10 napja

    I like Jeff

  63. Em & Em
    Em & Em
    10 napja

    why did she look like this was the first interview she ever had? lol

  64. Charlotte Navaud
    Charlotte Navaud
    10 napja

    besides jeff there’s no substance

  65. Crystal Mancillas
    Crystal Mancillas
    10 napja

    BABAHAHAHAH petty!! When he signed over Dave’s name hahahah

  66. Bruh S
    Bruh S
    10 napja

    "that was good" what a wholesome guy Jeff is

  67. zarbeast28
    11 napja

    Idk how Jeff doesn’t have 10ml+ subs

  68. sal vation
    sal vation
    11 napja


  69. Logan Hernandez
    Logan Hernandez
    11 napja

    when nobody cares anymore about ur show and ur sis sad

  70. Megats11
    11 napja

    dixie shd go back to school and respect herself by stopping all these things she sucks so much at everything no offence...her show singing its all just so bad that she is a meme ps she looks like Micheal Jackson

  71. Alex Vallex
    Alex Vallex
    11 napja

    9:06 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  72. Captain Keyes
    Captain Keyes
    11 napja

    Everything about this makes me want to commit suicide

  73. Jim Chang
    Jim Chang
    11 napja

    She is so boring I just can’t. Getting paid for being famous by stupid teeny boppers

  74. Riley Raye
    Riley Raye
    11 napja

    Ngl during almost the whole first half I really thought the humor might have been going over her head as it has with the dumber half of America rn...(with peace and love of course) ... Definitely redeemed herself when she showed that she could dish out the same amount of wittiness as soon as they entered the barbershop. Also am I the only one who can feel the chemistry through the damn screen, maybe I'm absolutely backward with my interpretation, but I personally would tune into a podcast or something just to see her awkwardness with him being so carefree about showing that side of himself, and her every once and a while surprising him and the (potential) audience by throwing it right back. In my opinion, chemistry= the best podcasts/shows and entertainment in general :] gotta work on some more structured/researched questions though forrr surreee though.

  75. Akeznov
    12 napja

    Best one by far he’s the best

  76. Harper Moore
    Harper Moore
    12 napja

    no one like this comment

  77. JJ J
    JJ J
    12 napja

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    12 napja

    It’s was really funny but very disrespectful to write over somebody else’s name

  79. Dylan Shepard
    Dylan Shepard
    12 napja

    Brooooo🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 best video ever🤣🤣🤣

  80. titia__charli___123 D'malio
    titia__charli___123 D'malio
    12 napja

    Dixie mandraka Kakakakakakak

  81. Mad
    12 napja

    Two tools in the room

  82. Kyra Hirsch
    Kyra Hirsch
    12 napja

    When he signed his name over Dave Porkboy's I audibly wheezed

  83. juju
    12 napja

    Dixie mandraka chavosa ela 😎

  84. Benjamin
    12 napja

    I'm coming to realize that Jeff is a comedy Genius that i have just been missing out on because i never wanted to watch anything with the Vlog squad commander in. Now that i can just see Jeff and not other people around him, like the penguin or the joker, i can actually enjoy Jeff for JEFF. I'm really proud of the effort he has been putting into all his work lately, his podcast is the funniest one on the internet, seriously. This recent episode with Ryan the leader is just pure GOLD.

  85. Mom Salazar
    Mom Salazar
    12 napja

    I love Jeff

  86. Oscar Foster
    Oscar Foster
    12 napja

    Is this the entire episode??

  87. Jonathan Hagerty
    Jonathan Hagerty
    13 napja

    Best episode so far.

  88. Juju Oliveira
    Juju Oliveira
    13 napja

    Dixie mandraka

  89. Maria Vitoria Fernandes
    Maria Vitoria Fernandes
    13 napja

    4:29 You were so cute with these Dixie sunglasses, these sunglasses you put on, here in Brazil they are called "Juliete" so in Brazil we have a joke that is like "Dixie Mandraka" which means like, it got stylish, you know? DIXIE MANDRAKA LMAOO 😂😂😂😂🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷💘

  90. Maria Vitoria Fernandes
    Maria Vitoria Fernandes
    13 napja

    vazou a Dixie Mandraka

  91. Jay Pratap Singh
    Jay Pratap Singh
    13 napja

    Jefff is soo funny😂😂😂😂

  92. dee marlin
    dee marlin
    13 napja


  93. guille iglesias
    guille iglesias
    13 napja

    This was the best so awkward amazing

  94. Deepak Sasi
    Deepak Sasi
    13 napja

    Jeff killed it🔥

  95. Walt Draper
    Walt Draper
    13 napja

    I only watched this cuz Jeff's in it and he made it watchable..he carried the whole thing...her other videos must suck

  96. Ellen Aron
    Ellen Aron
    13 napja

    i was laughing none stop, funniest episode yet

  97. awungcha khumbah
    awungcha khumbah
    14 napja

    ohhh jeff, I love his humor.

    14 napja

    Jeff carried the entire show 🙂

  99. HighCrazeAces7
    14 napja

    Man in this episode Jeff is the driver..

  100. Beans Longo
    Beans Longo
    14 napja

    Why so Awkward Dixie smh lol still pretty funny